Do you own or run a bank?
May 10th, 2012

Thought not, but if you did then I could offer you a genuine piece of advice that should save your bank millions.  Start lending money to first time buyers who want to purchase their first home!

Most banks in Northern Ireland are exposed to the property market here to some extent and hold portfolios of sites and houses.

By making their lending criteria difficult for potential buyers and by selling re-possessions at rock bottom prices, they are helping to stagnate the market further yet if they opened up the coffers to those home buyers who can well afford the repayments (they are currently likely to be paying more out in rent), it would immediately introduce hundreds of buyers into the market which in turn would lead to stability at the bottom end that would slowly filter through the rest of the market.

This would then mean that the value of their assets would stabilize and may even start to increase again by a small margin.